Body Glow

Body Glow / Hydration, Illumination & Sensation

Body Beautiful

Indulge your body with Séla’s healing Body Glow range of bath products, gels and lotions. Remove dead cells to reveal, silky, smooth and touchable skin; have a pampering bath, moisturize and firm up with the Body Glow range that will leave you feeling fresh, fragrant and body beautiful.

  • This gold shimmering body scrub, rich in caviar extract, golden jojoba oil and grape seed oil, carries out the exfoliation and purification of the skin, sloughing off flaky surface of the skin cell and impurities, yet, with a nourishing regenerating and multi-sensorial purpose.
  • This anti-cellulite gel is formulated with pure caffeine which is known to be a powerful lipolytic ingredient to regulate the fat and reduce the orange peel effect. The gel leaves a smooth and non-sticky skin.
  • This body yogurt nourishes the skin gently with its abundance of RICE Bran Oil and rice powder. Light and delightfully refreshing, it is quickly absorbed by the skin which becomes softer and more velvety.
  • These gold nuggets look-like bath crystals are shimmering salts mixing high quality active ingredients and sensual amber accents, releasing its fragrances with detoxifying and re-mineralizating sea trace elements, creating a relaxing unique atmosphere.