Instant Perfection

Instant Perfection / Science Solutions for Face

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Using advanced technological processes, Séla’s Instant Perfection range of products are suffused with herbal and plant extracts, and are designed to solve a variety of skin ailments – so say goodbye to bad skin days forever! Go from saggy or dehydrated skin to increased elasticity and smoothness; from tired or dull skin to a radiant glow, while firming nutrients reduces the appearance of fine lines for a flawless complexion. Whatever the skin problem, this range will solve it and deliver skin that is moisturised, smooth and silky.

  • Provides your skin with effective age defying results which provide long lasting radiance and beauty. Diamond, soy extract contributes to delay ageing signs while Argan oil nourishes and smoothes skin. Enriched with almond peptides to take care of fragile skins.
  • This excellent anti-ageing elixir targets the specific needs of the eye contour with the most delicate care. It fights the natural cellular ageing that is visible around the eyes with the active vegetal cells of Blue Egyptian Nymphaea and vitamin A.
  • This deep moisturizing elixir provides a protective film for the skin, limiting dehydration. It also provides immediate lifting effect and helps to reduce wrinkles.
  • This high concentrated elixir with vegetal collagen helps to maintain the natural moisture level of the skin by optimizing the skin’s tone and elasticity and reactivating skin's own cell generation.