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Are you getting ready to run a marathon? Make sure to book in for a massage treatment!

03 February 2017

You’re approaching the final stages of your training, booking a massage will loosen tight muscles, ease any stiffness or soreness. It will also help muscles recover faster from the impact of your training runs, allowing you to train more effectively and more often.

A massage before marathon will help stimulate and balance the muscles without draining them of their energy or overworking them, followed by a deeper post-race massage will aid recovery.

Get yourself a massage with our special offers:
1. Deep Tissue Massage 30% off (From $476 - $665)
2. LPG Sp
ort Recuperation Massage / LipoMassage $680
3. Sign up for a series of 3 sessions of Deep Tissue Massage or LPG Sport Recuperation Massage and receive an additional 20mins foot massage for each session.
* Please present the Marathon application email to enjoy the offer

For bookings/ enquiries, please call our spas or email enquiries@senseoftouch.com.hk or chat with our customer support team.