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Repulse Bay Signature Spa Treatments - Hong Kong Sense of Touch Day Spa


Sense of Touch opens its fifth location, at the historic and picturesque The Repulse Bay, one of Hong Kong’s premier lifestyle destinations.

Inspired by its legendary location, the spa created two sets of signature treatments. The “Nostalgia” series draws from Hong Kong’s storied past and The Repulse Bay’s romantic setting with treatments like “Opium”, “Tobacco”, “Fragrant Harbour”, and “Love is a Many Splendoured Thing,” a couple’s treatment named after the 1950s film shot in the same location.

The “Sea” series was inspired by Repulse Bay’s seaside setting, with treatments like “The Sea Shell Massage”, “Ocean’s Sand”, “Sense of Sea (S.O.S.)”.

Inspired by Hong Kong’s storied past and Repulse Bay’s dreamy seaside setting. Lose yourself in a world of enchantment in these treatments…balm for the body and salve for the soul.


Opium $1,580/90mins

A deeply addictive and relaxing treatment that induces a powerful body and mind switch-off for a comforting, peaceful night’s sleep. A poppy seed scrub followed by a euphoric massage works on all aspects of physical, mental and emotional stress. This sedating full body massage harnesses rich earthy essential oils of vetiver chamomile and sandalwood, renowned for their intense calming effects.

Fragrant Harbour $1,380/90mins

Legend has it that Hong Kong got its name (which translates to “Fragrant Harbour”) from the sandalwood forests that covered the island that Chinese sailors could smell at sea to know they were close to land. An indulgent total body massage and sensual voyage into the forests of sandalwood and delicate rose. While inhaling the heady scent of Hong Kong’s past, the body is soothed with a unique massage simulating the rhythm of the ocean through a combination of massage techniques.

Tobacco - repulse bay

Tobacco $1,380/90mins

A stimulating treatment that uses a sophisticated combination of tobacco flower, ginger oil and sea salt to scrub the skin rendering even the most weathered seadogs baby soft and smooth. Once skin is prepped, a deep and meaningful all over body massage treatment works on stiff, tight and fatigued muscles. A treatment this good could become a habit…

“Love is a Many Splendoured Thing” (Couple’s Treatment) – repulse bay

“Love is a Many Splendoured Thing” (Couple’s Treatment) $3,490/120mins [including steam shower]

Inspired by the 1950s film shot in the same location as Sense of Touch’s Repulse Bay spa, this is an indulgent treat for two that deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin while inspiring a little old-fashioned romance. It begins with a bit of “four-play”, where four exotic ingredients are given to the couple to apply on each other for an intense body exfoliation to stimulate and revive dull-looking skin. Thirsty skin is replenished with an exotically fragranced serum, a luxurious oil and a protective body butter. The result is incredibly nourished, silky skin that just begs to be touched.


Sea Shell Massage - repulse bay

The Sea Shell Massage $1,580/90mins

Sail away with this truly indulgent and emotionally pampering ritual to harmonise and rejuvenate using essential oils of mandarin, cajeput, geranium and peppermint. This unique massage uses warm shells to ease tired muscles and soothe the spirit. This is a complete experience that works on all the senses to boost your emotional wellbeing, whilst treating the body to some nurturing hands-on therapy.

Ocean’s Sand $1,380/90mins

Treasures of the ocean to exfoliate, hydrate, detoxify and purify your body from top to toe. Black sand scrub aids in eliminating impurities followed by a deep kneading body massage. A gentle rain shower rinse, this luxurious treatment is completed with an application of a hydrating and skin regenerating body butter, drenching you in the enchantment of sweet jasmine, patchouli and tuberose essential oils.

Sense of Sea (S.O.S) $1,580/90mins

Coming to your rescue, this total body treatment begins with a sea salt foot scrub for tired legs and feet. This is followed by a full body exfoliation with coffee and frankincense infused salts to invigorate the skin, and a nourishing application of algae serum. The treatment is completed with a hot macadamia, coconut and olive oil massage for a taste of desert island bliss.