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  • Diva Lashes is the latest Keratin Lash Lifting Treatment

Diva Lashes Keratin Lash Lift

First Time Offer $1,050 (originally $1,180)

Diva Lashes

The latest Keratin Lash Lifting Treatment, the perfect combination of the latest, innovative technology in cosmetology with safe components.

Sense of Touch - Diva Lashes Before & After Results

LIFT, BOOST & VOLUMIZE your natural lashes!

    This is your own lashes MAGNIFIED! You’ll wake up ready to go!
    Lasts 8 to 10 weeks, the natural cycle of lashes.
    As well as brightening and ‘lifting’ the eye area, the DIVA LASHES effect have anti-ageing qualities as it covers your lashes with rich keratin and vitamins
    This is not a perming treatment, and the pigment alters and boosts the colour of the eyelash so that the treatment enhances the natural beauty of the client even further
  • SAFE
    DIVA LASHES is hypoallergenic and DOES NOT damage your lashes!
    You can rub your eyes, wear makeup, wash your lashes, go swimming and in the sauna! Live a normal life!
    Our products contain no perming solution or formaldehyde
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