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New [ comfort zone ] Facials

14th Dec 2018|

New [ comfort zone ] facials have arrived at Sense of Touch Central and Repulse Bay!

Remedy Skin Defense Facial $1080 /60 mins
Enhance Your Facial: Sublime Skin Eye Treatment $390 /15 mins
A facial treatment with PRE and PROBIOTIC and Omega 3 ingredients that feed and strengthen the skin’s immune system, calm skin inflammation and shut down redness-prone skin. Creates strong skin barrier to provide double protection on the skin from microbes, allergens and irritants, keeping skin strong and resilient to damaging pollution and environmental factors. Soothing, balancing and a calming defense to prevent itching and tightness, bringing the skin back to a condition of health and calmness.
Sense of Touch - Comfort zone remedy
Sense of Touch - [comfort zone] active pureness
Active Pureness Detoxifying Facial $1080 /70 mins
The solution to RESET skin balance, targeting clogged pores, mostly oily skin, breakouts, blemishes, enlarged pores, blackheads and getting deep down in skin purification. Highly effective double-action, detoxifying mask, a perfect treatment for those suffering from hormonal imbalance and kind to adolescent skin prone to breakouts and pimples.  This facial is perfect for everyone to normalize skin and reduce pore visibility day after day. Alternate this facial between your favorite Comfort Zone Facials for deep cleansing action.
Active Pureness Deep Cleansing Facial $880 /60 mins
Rebalances active sebaceous glands to get into deep cleansing action, drawing up impurities and surface congestion.  A good cleansing action to bring out skin luminosity, smoothness and mattifying oily areas while it hydrates skin at the same time. Recommended for all skin types and is a unisex facial treatment.
Sense of Touch - Comfort zone active pureness