Spa Waxing

Brazilian Waxing (Hot Wax)
we use top quality wax from France that works with a special polymer that shrink-wraps the hair making the procedure less painful or “almost” painless and hair re-growth take longer. great for sensitive areas such as bikini, brazilian, upper lip and underarm. have fun with shapes: the landing strip, playboy or bermuda triangle!

Brazilian $480
Semi Brazilian $390
Bikini $350
Upper Lip/chin/eyebrows $200
Half leg $350
Upper leg $380
Full leg $520
Underarm $220
Full arm $350
Half arm $280
Back $450
Chest $450
Full Facial (Including Eyebrows) $450
Half leg and Underarm Wax $520
Half leg and Bikini Wax $630
Bikini and Upper Leg Wax $650
Bikini and Full Leg Wax $720
Full leg and Underarm Wax $650
brazilian and half leg $750
brazilian and underarm $620