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Cellu M6® Endermolift

Cellu M6® Endermolift

A 100% natural anti-aging technique to redensify the skin in depth down and earse the signs of aging. Endermolift™ offers immediate results, including a healthy glow and a natural, soothing lifting effect. Each session’s results add up to fill in wrinkles, redefine contours, and clarify the complexion.

Cellu M6® Endermolift with customized facial 90mins | $1,480
This powerful anti-aging treatment firms and redensifies aging skin to reshape the face. Liftmassage’s targeted cellular regeneration, naturally reactivates collagen and elastin production for a filling effect and supple, firmer skin. Slackening facial contours are re-sculpted and the skin is tightened and toned.

Cellu M6® endermo eyelift 30mins | $650
Smoothes eye contour wrinkles, fades dark circles and eye bags, beautifies the look.

The international scientific community recognizes that Endermologie® treatments provide intensive cell stimulation: the ultimate solution for natural, visible and lasting results.

Cellu M6® full body wellness lipomassage 60mins | $1,280
This treatment is designed to slim the figure and eliminate resistant fat pockets that refuse to budge with weight-loss, diets and exercise. The deep, targeted action of the deep Roll’in skin fold, reaches the very core of adipose fat tissue to engage the receptors responsible for lipolysis, and fat elimination. The figure is slimmer and the stubborn fatty areas are finally erased.

Cellu M6® lipomassage 45mins | $980
This treatment is designed to act on saturated tissue. The combination of light pressure with soft pumping movements, boosts and recirculates, sluggish lympathic exchanges. The microcirculation is revitalized; venous and lymphatic exchanges are restored and improved, allowing the body to naturally eliminate toxins. Focus on slimming and sculpting of 2 or 3 parts of your body.

Cellu M6® endermo sport recuperation treatment 45mins | $980
A comforting deep tissue massage after an intensive workout. The very relaxing LPG Roll technique, thoroughly stretches and conditions muscle fascia to drain away toxic lactic acid, increasing tissue suppleness and relieve muscle aches and pains.

per TreatmentPackage
(8 Sessions)
Full Leg$4,500$18,000
Half Leg$3,000$11,250 – $13,500
Upper Leg$3,750$13,500 – $16,500
Full Arm$3,375$13,950
Half Arm$1,875$7,350
per TreatmentPackage
(5 Sessions)
(10 Sessions)
(20 Sessions)
Face & Eye$1,960/60mins$7,875$13,020$23,520

HydraFacial 60mins | $1,580
A-list celebrities much loved HydraFacial is the advanced award-winning multistep resurfacing treatment that can be given in as little as 35minutes. It removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously renew the skin with hydrating and moisturizing serums. It delivers immediate, visible and longer-lasting results in one treatment. There is also an option of adding collagen boosting TNS serum to reduce fine lines and improve elasticity.

add on neck area $500
add on chest area $800
add on TNS essential serum $500

Ultimate Red Carpet Ready – Oxygen + Omega Light 90mins | $1,580
Oxygen Infusion 60mins | $1,280
Omega Light Therapy 60mins | $1,280

A powerful face brightening and highly moisturizing treatment that helps Improve cell’s oxygen alternation function, promoting micro-circulation to enhance glowing complexion, decomposing pigment, promoting lymph discharge, curing skin roughness, red and dark spots and deficient circulations and target signs of ageing. This facial including Omega Light, hand and eye treatment will leave your skin is glowing, smoother, visibly firmer and younger. Red carpet ready!

Liftera V Lift is a non-invasive lifting and contouring treatment for the face, neck area combining High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology and Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDT ™) Technology. It is an anti-aging technology that accelerates the remodeling of collagen by giving a strong heating to the collagen fibers in dermal layer by rapid irradiation of the focused ultrasound at a specific depth in the skin without damaging the skin surface layer.

Liftera V Lift Treatment1 TreatmentFirst Time Trial6 Treatments
Face + Eye + Neck Lifting$3,280$1,780$17,180
Face + Eye$1,780$1,380$8,580
Neck Lifting$1,380$1,080$6,680
Eye Tightening$1,180$880$5,680

20mins | $1580
30mins | $2080

Synergy of Infrared light, Radio Frequency and Vacuum Massage with revolutionary elōs technology, Velasmooth can effectively treat deeper tissue to stimulates fibroblast activity, improve skin texture and diffuses oxygen. It can firm and lift the skin, reduce cellulite and stretch marks with visible result after one treatment. Enjoy our special trial price for $780 for one body area.

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