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    Play the field and customise your skincare with this comprehensive suite of antioxidant support. A convenient kit with four nutritive Vitamins designed to build a resilient complexion that can’t help but glow. SKIN TYPES: Suitable for all skin types
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    Summer Trio

    HKD 2,200.00 HKD 1,880.00
    - Pure C Complex Serum 30ml - Age-Defying Moisture Cream 60ml - Smoothing AHA Serum 30ml
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    Sublime Skin Kit

    HKD 3,250 HKD 2,380
    Active replumping firming lifting
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    Remedy Kit

    HKD 1,560 HKD 1,200
    Soothing nourishing fortifying – great for sensitive and dry skin
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    Day & Night Kit

    HKD 1,460 HKD 1,100
    Deep hydrating and anti-oxidant skin care for everyone
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    Tranquillity™ Kit

    HKD 1,100 HKD 790
    Anti-stress aromatic nourishing body care
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    Specialist Kit

    HKD 520 HKD 480
    A must-have hand and nail protector especially for wintertime.
  • Bath and body aromatic nourishing oil 30 ml
  • Pleasurable light, soothing, hydrating cream which is not oily. Without occluding the skin, it reinforces the skin’s defense, providing a sensation of comfort and protection. For skin that is sensitive, sensitized and prone to redness. 60 ml - 2.02 fl.oz.US.
  • Innovative hydrogel mask enriched with peptides for an immediate cosmetic action on tired eyes, marked by wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. It gives renewed lightness and compactness to the eyes. For tired-looking eyes and marked by wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Ideal as a weekly treatment and when particularly tired. 6 applicazioni - 6 pcs
  • Innovative peeling single-dose pads made of alpha and poly-hydroxy acids. Skin exfoliant for a progressive regenerating action and bright complexion. With a handy and quick application, the pads are ideal as monthly treatment to be done every other day. Per mature, thickened and/or showing sun exposure blemishes. 14 pz - 14 pcs
  • Creamy, firming mask that does not require rinsing. Immediate younger-looking skin. Can be used during the day or as a night time mask, awaking to a skin which reveals softer contours and relaxes features. Ideal for mature skins, and those that are lined and lacking tone. 60 ml - 2.02 fl.oz.US.
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