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Skin Regimen

discover our 3-step custom regimen of anti aging skincare products

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    skin regimen cleansing cream 150ml skin regimen enzymatic powder 55gr
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    skin regimen HA booster booster 25 ml skin regimen tripeptide cream 50 ml skin regimen cleanser cream 150 ml
  • Brightening Moisturizing Kit A powerful trio for those willing to eliminate their city-gray skin and restore a more glowing complexion. The 15% of Vitamin C Booster fights free radical damage and stimulates new collagen. The Tripeptide Cream firms the skin and protects it from daily pollution. The Night Detox leave-on mask renews and revitalizes the skin while you sleep. It contains: /skin regimen/ 15.0 Vit C Booster 21.2+4ml, brightening concentrate; /skin regimen/ Tripeptide Cream 50ml, age-defense moisturizer; /skin regimen/ Night Detox 50ml, overnight pro-vitality mask;
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    The Urban Detox Kit is an anti-pollution skin care duo featuring free radical-fighting favourites from the Skin Regimen collection. Cleansing Cream clears skin of environmental impurities and urban dust. The gentle foaming action removes make-up, pollution and toxins with its 89.5% natural-origin ingredients including wild indigo, maqui berry and spinach. Enzymatic Powder is a foaming exfoliating powder super-powered by fruit enzymes and botanical extracts to smooth, brighten and detoxify skin. Incorporate both products into your daily ritual to banish the damaging pollutants caused by an urban lifestyle that lead to premature ageing.
  • Anti-Aging Overnight Face Mask Leave-on regenerating overnight mask with a cooling, massageable texture. Gluconolactone, Alpha-Glucan yeast and Longevity Complex™ work together to boost the skin's natural autophagy, favoring the elimination of toxins accumulated during the day, and reveal radiant skin in the morning. Natural rebalancing and reinvigorating aroma for mind and body. Free from silicones. Free from synthetic fragrance. 98.7% natural-origin ingredients. Face mask recommended in case of stressed and tired skin, with lines, wrinkles and first signs of aging. Use when needed or as a treatment in cycles of 28 days every 3 months. 50ml
  • Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer Anti-aging, daily face moisturizer, formulated with Palmitoyl-5 to boost collagen synthesis. Dandelion extract for its protective properties against pollution and Longevity Complex™. The massageable cooling texture invigorates the skin, easing any tention that may have been accumulated throughout the day while the 100% natural aroma rebalances and reinvigorates both mind and body. Free from silicones. Free from synthetic fragrance. 96.0% natural-origin ingredients. Recommended for all skin conditions, in case of wrinkles, signs of aging, stress and fatigue. 50ml
  • Exfoliating Powder Cleanser for Face A transformative powder, that when mixed with water, turns into a creamy, exfoliating foam cleanser for your face. A kinder alternative to harsh chemical solutions, this exfoliating face wash gently removes skin pollutants and dead cells for a brighter, smoother complexion. Formulated with Chlorella and Papaya enzymes to detox and cleanse the skin, and Rice Starch to absorb and remove excess sebum. Free from silicones. Free from preservatives. No added fragrance. No SLES, no SLS. 64% natural-origin ingredients. This exfoliator is recommended for all skin types to purify and reoxygenate the skin, especially in case of city-gray, dull or mature skin. Use once or twice a week. 55g
  • Illuminating Face Lotion Highly-concentrated, thirst-quenching and illuminating face lotion to recharge and hydrate the skin, countering the effects of intense lifestyle, stress and dehydration due to heating, air conditioning and traveling. This illuminating moisturizer is formulated with 7 essential components of the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), an energizing unicellular microalgae and Longevity Complex™, it combines a cooling serum-like texture and a natural rebalancing, reinvigorating aroma for healthy, glowing skin. Free from silicones. Free from synthetic fragrance. 94.8% natural-origin ingredients. Skin glow lotion recommended for stressed, dehydrated and aging skin that is lacking its natural glow. 100ml
  • All-in-one makeup, dirt, dust and grime foaming cleanser to erase the day from your skin. It's a gentle and non-drying cream cleanser formula enriched with Longevity Complex and a 100% natural, rebalancing and reinvigorating aroma for both mind and body. Free from synthetic fragrance. Free from silicones. No SLES, no SLS. 89,5% natural-origin ingredients. Anti-pollution cleanser ideal for urban dwellers, always on the go. Recommended for all skins, except hypersensitive. 150ml
  • Topical Vitamin C Serum A powerful Vitamin c concentrated booster to protect the youth of your skin while improving the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and wrinkles. The stay-fresh sachet maintains the Vitamin C in perfect condition, until its activation and use. Free from silicones. Free from synthetic fragrance. 92.8% natural-origin ingredients. Recommended in case of dull, city-gray complexion that lacks in firmness and glow. 21.25 ml+3.8 gr
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