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The Infrared Sauna is here!

4th Jan 2022|

50% off First Trial

The Infrared Sauna is here!
Experience it first before having it for your own at home!

Activate your skin with our latest wellness technology.

Sweat and detoxify

Boost blood circulation and burn calories

Increase collagen, promote cell and cartilage regeneration

Improves quality of sleep and increases sleep quality

Beautify your skin and slow down the effects of aging

Boost immunity and vitalize cells

Accelerate metabolism and increase oxygen supply

Sooth pain and stress

Harmonise your body’s state of rest & digest

Book now! 50% off First Trial HK$300 | 50mins (Regular Price: HK$600)
3 Sessions $1,000 only (Regular Price: HK$1,800) *Valid for 10 days

• Express 25 mins $350 | Unlimited 30 Day Pass $4,550
• Regeneration 45 mins $500 | Unlimited 30 Day Pass $6,500
• Detox & Rejuvenate 50 mins $600 | Unlimited 30 Day Pass $7,800

Unlike a traditional sauna that dehydrates and overheats, infrared light panels are able to engage the lower skin layers and keep the body heat within safety levels. Excess heat is naturally dissipated from the inside out.

Experience increased blood circulation through major muscles, organs, and connective tissue, providing relief from muscular pain and tension.

Our infrared light panels are suitable for all ages, including children and the elderly.