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Body Strategist Scrub

Body Strategist Scrub


Gel with alpha and poly-hydroxy acids, fruit extracts, silica and jojoba microspheres, for chemical and mechanical exfoliation. Stimulates cellular surface rejuvenation. Leaves a soft, silk-like and completely renovated skin.

Especially recommended for dry and rough skin. Ideal for intensive use before the start of summer, and year-round to maintain perfectly smooth skin.

*Recommended for cellulite imperfections.

200 ml – 6.7 fl.oz. US.



Double mechanical and chemical action scrub.
Rejuvenated skin.
Soft and silk-like skin.
Without silicones: replaced by nourishing oils and butters for a ”true active beauty” skin action.


Mix of alpha and poly-hydroxy acids

90% of ingredients of natural origin