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Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera 185ml

Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera 185ml


A creamy multi-tasking cleanser and a mainstay of your daily skincare ritual. Made with luxurious Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, this gentle non-stripping formula removes makeup and impurities. Our Balancing Cleanser corrects the skin’s natural pH balance, preparing skin for optimal ingredient absorption.
SKIN TYPES: All skin types.

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Key benefits

  • Non-stripping, super gentle formula
  • Sweeps away toxins and debris
  • Lightweight, creamy consistency
  • Assists in balancing and correcting an impaired acid mantle
  • Reduces moisture evaporation from the skin surface
  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing properties bring comfort to sensitive, dry, and irritated skin
  • pH of 5.5 – 6.0 (mimicking the slightly acidic natural pH of our skin)