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Signature Treatments

Signature treatments are the hallmark of any quality spa operation.

At Sense of Touch, we work with world leading skin care brands to create unique spa experiences for our clients. The fusion of a spas concept and design, traditional and advanced skin care techniques, global spa trends, and years of experience enable us to design unique, innovative and results orientated treatment menus.

The award winning ‘Cheers to Beers’ was created in partnership with Aromatherapy Associates for Sense of Touch Lan Kwai Fong, winning the AsiaSpa Award for Best Mens Spa Treatment in Asia, 2008.

Signature treatments

bath, scrub and massage – $1,780/2hrs
scrub and massage – $1,480/90mins
bath and massage – $1,280/90mins

cheers to beers
Start with a relaxing dip in a dark ale beer bath to warm and relax tired muscles, followed by a barley scrub and a 60 minute deep tissue, stress relieving massage.

for heaven’s sake
Start with a soak in a hot sake bath, followed by a rice scrub and a 60 minute lymphatic drainage massage to boost the immune system and energy levels.

a vine romance
Begin with a plunge in our wine bath to help keep skin young, followed by a dried red grape scrub and a soothing 60 minute aromatherapy massage.

couple’s double martini ritual – $3,480 for two/2.5hrs
Start with an indulgent 60-minute massage of your choice to suit your individual needs, followed by a sensitive radiance facial for her and a refinery deep cleansing facial for him. finish with a relaxing soak in our bath for two.

Signature treatments

Steam, Scrub and Massage – $1,880/2hrs
Scrub and Massage – $1,580/90mins
Steam and Massage – $1,380/90mins

Opium(Winner, Spa Treatment of the Year, Asia Spa Awards 2010)
A deeply addictive and relaxing treatment that induces a powerful body and mind switch-off for a comforting, peaceful night’s sleep. A poppy seed scrub followed by a euphoric massage works on all aspects of physical, mental and emotional stress. This sedating full body massage harnesses rich earthy essential oils of chamomile, lavender and bergamot, renowned for their intense calming effects.

Tobacco(Nominated for Men’s Spa Treatment of the Year, Asia Spa Awards 2012)

A stimulating treatment that uses a sophisticated combination of tobacco flower, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil and sea salt to scrub the skin rendering even the most weathered seadogs baby soft and smooth. Once skin is prepped, a deep and meaningful all over body massage treatment works on stiff, tight and fatigued muscles. A treatment this good could become a habit.

Sense of Sea (S.O.S)

Coming to your rescue, this total body treatment begins with a sea salt foot rub to soothe tired legs and feet. This is followed by a full body exfoliation with juniper, grapefruit and eucalyptus oil. After your rain shower, the body is soothed with a unique massage simulating the rhythm of the ocean through a combination of massage techniques.

Love is a Many Splendoured Thing (Couple’s Treatment) – $3,490/2hrs
Nominated for Spa Treatment of the Year, Asia Spa Awards 2013 | Nominated for Couple’s Treatment of the Year, Asia Spa Awards 2016

Inspired by the 1950’s film shot in the same location as Sense of Touch Repulse Bay spa, this is an indulgent treat for two that deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin while inspiring a little old-fashioned romance. It begins with a bit of “four-play where four exotic ingredients are given to the couple to apply to each other while inside the steam shower for an intense body exfoliation and revive dull-looking skin. Followed with a warming massage of exotically fragranced luxurious oil to relax and calm your senses. This sweet rendezvous completes your journey.

Signature treatments

bath, scrub and massage – $1,850/2hrs
bath and massage – $1,350/90mins
scrub and massage – $1,550/90mins

after touchdown
A traveler’s therapy that targets on re-aligning the body to adjust to the time zone. Starts with a relaxing milk and oat bath to reduce water-retention from long travels. Invigorating scrub and stress-relieving massage techniques with juniper, grapefruit and eucalyptus essential oil works
on the system to reset the body clock, encouraging circulation and elimination of toxins.

secrets of the orient
Discover the secrets of the orient. Start with a dry body brush, followed by exotic scrub with coconut and rose petal. A deep rolling massage with ginger, clove and nutmeg essential oil to boost the immune system and energy levels.

great sensory escape
Our calming ritual begins by soaking in a tub of minerals contains natural plant collagen from Japanese Camellia Oil. An invigorating scrub with green tea and green clay to refine the skin and a vitality massage with lavender, chamomile and bergamot essential oil.

two tropical bliss – $3,650for two/2.5hrs
Tropical surroundings inspire this couple’s treatment that nourishes and relaxes your body. This begins with a dip in a milk and oat bath to help balance the skin. A steam bath wild crafted Indonesian recipe of ginger, spices and lavender is combined to eliminate impurities. A soothing aromatherapy massage to stimulate the senses.

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